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So yeah, I did figure out what the heck I was going to do and to keep this short, I bounced around from thing to thing. Took the first jobs I could get and they were a lot of them. Vacuum cleaner salesman. Doberman Dan: So exciting. I was not door to door though, although, I have sold stuff door to door too, not vacuum cleaners but inaudible I had to sell them all my particular brand and so Anyway, one of the gigs I got was in security at the mall and then that lead to loss prevention job in a department store.

This pre-camera days Jeremy if you keeping imagining this we lurked the floor in you know, just civilian clothes with a bag on our hands like we were shoppers, but we are out looking for shoplifters.

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So that lead to meeting some of the local cops and then some of our friends I worked with say, Hey, work at city of Dayton, giving civil service test for police officer. We are going to go take it next week. You want to go? And my first reaction was, well, yeah I guess.

I will take the civil service test but anything after that if they call me in for an interview you know, I have to be honest about my drug use in high school and he was like, wait you are going to be disqualified because I smoked a lot of weed.

How Marketing and Sales Can Work Together

Anyway, long story short, the Dayton Police Department understood that that was part of the growing up phase and they hired me. And that was supposed to be a temporary gig Jeremy while I went and sought my true life form dream of being a professional musician. So the police department thing was like, ah well, I can inaudible Anyway, my temporary and I am doing inaudible I tried to go in, just crashed and burned.

So through just at filing, getting tired of beat my head up against the wall, and all these failed ventures, I stumbled upon this dude name Dan Kennedy. Doberman Dan: Speaking of an underground guy. Nobody in online marketing or direct response marketing has ever heard of Dan Kennedy.

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If anybody remembers audio cassette it is like, would you make a copy of a copy of a copy 8 times. The quality of that is like inaudible And I realized -- oh by the way, the product was awesome. So yeah, they got me started down the path of direct response marketing and copywriting and that led me starting my first mail order business in which was an information business in bodybuilding market.

That was after 9 years of failure, that was the first business that works for me and about a year later, it was making -- not a lot of money, but it was making enough money to get me free of the police department job. Me starting businesses like that on my kitchen table with nothing but a yellow pad, a blue pen, and this squishy gray matter between my ears. In fact, I actually saw a picture, I do not know. I think this is you. There is a gray picture -- if you look up Doberman Dan in Google there is a gray picture of you I think when you were younger.

It is in Fitness Atlantic. I am going to Skype it to you right now.

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I am sure of it when I was younger. Jeremy Reeves: There. I just send it to you. I am going to put that picture up in the show notes just to embarrass you. Doberman Dan: inaudible My goodness. I am downloading it now. This will be interesting. Is it the one in the blue shirt? Doberman Dan: Oh no, no, no, no. That is not me inaudible Anyway, so getting back to copy and not talking about your shirt off.

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As exciting is that would probably be to listen to. Jeremy Reeves: So I mean you used to be a huge -- are you doing anything with that anymore. I feel like you sold that business a while back right? Doberman Dan: Yeah I did.

That infobusiness in bodybuilding niche led to a supplement business. My first supplement business because I figure it out you know, inaudible So I just kind of figured, all I need to do with my customers who buy my info is just flipped them to buy supplements from me. They are already buying the stuff. Jeremy Reeves: Yeah that is -- I work with a lot of people in the you know, the health market now and that is one of their main strategies is like, hey, I am going to teach you how to do this and then the pitch is so easy.

It is hey, look, you know, I just taught you how to do whatever like overcome this or you know, get bigger or get skinnier or you know, get better vision or feel better or whatever it is and then it is like, hey do you want to just take a pill and you know, and you will get that result and it is such an easy like just you know, like you said, 10 times your business and you know, I think that is why -- it such an -- like a congruent up sell to what you sold them first you know.

I think a lot of people missed that you know, when they are doing up sells I see people they are selling 1 thing and then you know, you get to the next page or they have the backend and they are selling something that is like, it is like kind of in the same realm, but it is really not like hey, you know, it is not the next logical step you know.

See a Problem?

Like infoproduct to a supplement is a perfect logical step because it is like hey, you can either go through everything. Do everything on your own. It is going to take in the next 6 months to get results. It is going to be complicated blah.. You just pointed out something that is you know, from your observations there is really downright brilliant. It is a great marketing lesson and it is also a good lesson in human nature that people want the magic pill.

So the closer your stuff whatever that is your product, your services, your advise can be to a magic pill most likely the better it is going to sell. So the bodbuilders like I said they will buy information, but what they really wanted is they wanted the magic pill or they want -- I want the magic protein powder that I can drink this today and tomorrow I wake up looking like Arnold. And even so that is what they want to buy you know, they are buying protein powder and creatine stuff.

Now the reality is all that stuff helps okay, but what they really need was better information. They were all eating like crap and they were trained right. So I quickly flipped my business model to sell them what they want and give them what they need about infoproducts that I was selling now became bonuses that I gifted my customers when they bought supplements.

So I have a -- I have a transition.

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I am stretching it a little bit, but I wanted to bring it up and I am going to warn everybody that if you are still around family you may not want to be, but do you think -- we were just talking about the magic pill, right. Hey, you know, elect me and you are going to get this and this and this and this and you do not have to do anything for it because all you have to do is pay your tax is what you are doing anyway and I am going to fix all your problems for you, you know.

Doberman Dan: That is not a stretch at all, political issues. That is totally related. I think that is what -- I think that is what these guys are selling. They are selling the magic pill because they are -- I mean as far as marketers, they are smart. Doberman Dan: Maybe not the politicians, but at least whoever their handlers are. You know, they understand the psychology of persuasion. Listen, even the most logical amongst us wants to believe in the magic pill. There is something in us that wants to believe it even though we know it just does not exist.

And so they are offering all kinds of stuff you know and you know, we are going to take care of you, cradle the grave, healthcare is going to be free you know, we are going to make university free now, this and that is going to be free, it is going to be so much better because we are running it. Thank God we are getting the evil greedy capitalist out of this shit and you know, we are taking it over.

I will correct you inaudible Anything that the government -- the government produces nothing. The government does not produce values. Anything the government gives you, they have taken from somebody else and they have taken it by force, by either use of deadly force or the use of incarceration or the threat of deadly force and threat of incarceration. So if you are taking money from the government you know, I do not see how anybody can feel good about that because what was given to you was taken away from somebody at gunpoint.

In inaudible Let us apply that to you. I am going to show up your house with a bunch of armed guys and I am going stick my Glock 19, my sidearm of choice it is like I want half of everything you got right now and if I do not get it, I am going to incarcerate you and your family or worse, I will just -- if you resist and do not go on peacefully, we are going to kill you. My gosh, we should help them. We personally inaudible The government has no business being in that business because they screwed up.

I just saw a thing the other day. Now this is not government, but it is just -- it is kind of the same when you are talking about like efficiency of you know, people like, oh I paid my taxes and it goes toward this and this and this and the fact is, it does not you know.

How Profitable is Your Selling?: A Sales Mastery Interview with Kenneth Darryl Brown

So I was just reading something the other day about Red Cross right you know, big charity everybody trust them. Jeremy Reeves: Right. They got a half of billion dollars, I think it was last year. I forgot the timeframe. Just say it was last year right. Half a billion dollars and their thing is they build houses in like 3rd world countries that kind of thing right.

Doberman Dan: I mean, if you are building nice solid you know, house. I mean you could build thousands of thousands with that much money. You know, compare that if that money went to an entrepreneur and that was his business to be able to build houses and somehow he got compensated for that right. There are some type of incentive to do that you know, how many you think could be build?

29 Social Selling Statistics: How to Master the Art of Social Selling

It is a lot you know. If it is 50, even it is -- Jesus inaudible I think that goes to kind of prove the point on that you know and it is just you know, who is going to build the roads of all entrepreneurs well you know. Who is going to do this for us entrepreneurs.