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Spray broadleaf weeds with weed-b-gone if necessary. Soil samples sent to the County Extension service are the best bet for credible information on what the yard needs. By the way, for winter damaged trees, a certified BONDED arborist is best for clearing branches from large trees around the house. However large heavy pruning opens lots of avenues for disease. Be careful.

A timely topic and several questions were answered during the presentation. Michael Olay presented a timely topic last Tuesday on Adult Vaccinations. Michael discussed the schedule recommended by the CDC u sing their adult vaccination chart, and interjected some findings that have not made it to the CDC Center for Disease Control chart as of the meeting regarding the latest vaccines that have been approved by the FDA and findings from the latest influenza outbreak.

Great presentation Michael! So, the question on everyone's mind these days is, "Since Hydrogen and Helium are lighter than air and have been escaping the atmosphere since, well forever, why is it still around? So, how come, you ask? The answer is there is enough radioactivity going on around the earth that H and He atoms are constantly being generated n enough quantities that we are not going to run out of gas for party balloons any time soon.

This and several other neat facts relating to radioactive decay and the byproducts created were touched upon by our own Dr. Tom Jourdan at last Tuesday's meeting. Helpful hints on just how long to keep something in the fridge until carbon dating was no longer useful. Well over 50, years! Getting rid of radon gas. Simple exhaust fan will work because build-up is so slow. OK Corp. Murphy, who was elected by her fellow commissioners as their chairman in provided much information on topics ranging from Wind Energy, Earthquakes, Phone bills, and Gas pricing at the pump.

She also discussed the appropriation process and the role the commission plays in tracking and disclosing the efficiency of the various branches of regulatory agencies under their administration.

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The Commission regulates and enforces the laws and supervised the actives associated with:. Early emphasis for the commission was on regulation of railroad routes and rates. Through changes by the Legislature, and the change in services considered essential to the public welfare, the commission presently regulates public utilities, oil and gas industry exploration, drilling, production and waste disposal , motor carrier transport, and petroleum products industry transportation, storage, quality and dispensing.

The commission also monitors a number of federal programs for compliance in Oklahoma. The commission also oversees the conservation of natural resources, avoiding waste production, abate pollution of the environment, and balancing the rights and needs of the people of Oklahoma with those of the regulated entities. Dana had finished her discussion of the Commission and in her closing remarks did mention that she has tossed her hat in the running for Lt. Governor in the coming election. She gave a very short request for us to consider her qualifications when we go to choose at the next election.

Turner Bogus, whose father was also in attendance expressed his interest in returning as a Pathfinder next year. Gary Jones L was the Rotarian of the day January 9th and asked fellow Rotarian Roland Herwig to be the program speaker and regale the club with memories of his youth.

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Born in Germany in during the height of WW II, Roland was told by his parents and relatives of being shuttled back and forth between the relative safety of a seaside cottage and his home near a highly targeted industrial complex. He remembers the wars end and the British dropping candy and gum on little parachutes as they flew over and the kindness of the relief workers posted there after the war. Roland's parents were circus and vaudeville performers and through contacts gained in this industry gained sponsors who eventually allowed the Herwigs to emigrate to the US.

Many fond memories of that crossing are etched in Roland's memories as, being ten years old and basically having the run of the ship, he left no door unopened or stair unclambered. Playing Cowboy and "packing" his 6-shooter cap pistol. The early life of a young boy from war-torn Germany who eventually became the spokesperson for the FAA in Oklahoma made for an entertaining half-hour program.

Roland promised a "rest of the story" segment to come at a later date and we certainly look forward to it. Mike and Nicole presented the State Chamber of Commerce assessment of the budget and appropriations for the state. They also discussed the roles the Chamber plays in relaying interests of state business into the appropriations made by the legislature for coming years. Patience, Perseverance, Proofread, Proposals, Publish it yourself if you have to. Independent publishers rule for the amateur writer as oft times they are the only means of getting ones hard work published.

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Osborne, who has a number of books in print and in digital format has been through the minefields of getting her works into the hands of readers. Write some every day whether you feel like it or not. If you don't feel like writing on a story in progress at least write something, You never know what is going to develop.

Find your place to write that is right for you. Some like peace and quiet.

  1. Wal-Mart: The Bully of Bentonville: How the High Cost of Everyday Low Prices is Hurting America;
  2. The Risk Factor: Crossing the Chicken Line Into Your Supernatural Destiny.
  3. Welcome to Edmond Max!.

Don't read to plagiarize, but for methodology and inspiration of style and usage of terms and expression. Broadway, nah! Nowadays it's "If you can make it on Amazon you can make it anywhere" in the publishing world,. A click and a promise of adventure or inspiration. It was a great topic and great presentation Cary G Osborne. We'll welcome you back any time.

The tour went off great and everyone who was able to attend was treated to some really neat history. Thank also Bob Donaldson for getting up early and bringing the bagels and coffee to fuel those who attended.

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No one left hungry and pretty much every topic was covered in a plethora of conversations. The coffee and tea were top notch as were the well drinks. Though General Booth died in , he laid a firm foundation for the lifesaving work that The Salvation Army continues to perform today in over countries. Jason has been named the Officer of the year of the Edmond Police Department and Edmond Summit's Award was simply an affirmation of that distinction.

Newly appointed Chief of police, J. Thanks go out to the Edmond PD and to all the first responders in our area who take responsibility each day to keep our city safe. Rotarian of the day, Jeff Amos, left, introduced the special program at last Tuesday's meeting. Paired with a spicy pumpkin bread the smooth, medium roast was a big hit.

The crew from Starbucks explained that Starbucks began with a Sumatran Arabica bean aged for 3 years and combined it with some other complementing beans from Central America then roasted to just past medium to bring out the maple and herbal notes plus hints of cocoa and other spices. All without adding any flavoring to the beans. Each year it is different. Starbucks strives to maintain the small farmer loyalty to their brand by always paying a fair price for the product, providing expertise in the proper raising and care of the plants and the gathered crop, and providing quality replacement plants when needed.

The excellent Pumpkin bread served with the samples of coffee. The information provided at the meeting led me to the Starbucks website and then to their newsroom site where many details of the growth and care of the crop and the landowner were provided. It shed a light on a side of the company that is overlooked and really should be more publicized than some of the craziness highlighted in social media.

I recommend you judge yourself by taking a look at "their side of the story"! Koorosh commented later that he was torn whether to use it himself or as an awesome gift. Congrats Koorosh! Congrats Tom!

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Pictures from the Skeet Shoot THERE are only 5 more days to finish selling tickets for our annual raffle to benefit designated charities! Here are a few facts about the charities picked for this year:. Sorry, no photos were taken of the event, but the Zu Sports Bar and Grill was a really nice place for our October Social.