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Ocean bottom pressure variability in the Mediterranean Sea and its 1 relationship with sea level from a numerical model 2 Marta Marcos. Steric sea level variability — in an ensemble of ocean reanalyses and objective analyses A.

'A Concert of Sacred Music'

Reliability of the steric and mass components of Mediterranean sea level as estimated from hydrographic gridded products Gabriel Jorda , Damia Gomis. References Publications referenced by this paper. Assessing the globally averaged sea level budget on seasonal to interannual timescales Josh K. Willis , Don P. Chambers , R.

Steven Nerem. But Rob a "class-obsessed preppie"? If true, you hid it well. I must confess having never read BH. Thanks for the reminder. Might I suggest Rasselas as required reading for all adolescents and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg as required viewing for anyone with a heart.

An affinity for Cherbourg is a pleasant surprise! Good article. If one is a true Anglophile, one won't mind being brought up on one small point, it's not 'Oxfordian', but 'Oxonian'.

Your analysis in terms of Augustinian theology was insightful, Rob. My own perception of the theological depth focuses upon the point towards the end of the novel p. No one is ever holy without suffering. It's taken that form with him. I've seen so much suffering in the last few hears; It's the spring of love". If you don't mind my saying so, because I see that you're not a Catholic, I think there's something profoundly "Catholic" here: the sense that suffering, unredeemable suffering even, is not entirely meaningless but can be in a sense redemptive.

Cordelia almost portrays Sebastian as a Christ-like figure here. It chimes in with the Catholic understanding of the sacrificial aspect of the Eucharist where believers, as well as being united with each other, are joined also to the suffering of Christ. I agree with you about the TV series' fidelity to the novel. It is a classic work of English artistry.

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Brendan Byrne, SJ. Thank you for this thoughtful response, Brendan. I find the link between Cordelia and Sebastian to be one of the most moving and resonant in the novel; they both have what I think of as a faith that is both childlike and clear-eyed, "superstitious" viewed from a skeptical angle yet entirely unsentimental. I hadn't clued into that passage but it's a striking one, and it reminds me how much I am stirred and a bit chilled, honestly, by the arc of Sebastian's decline from beauty and luxury to a kind of abject dependency, which makes him in a way closer to God than many of the rest of the characters, in a way that Johannes Metz might recognize if I understand him.

I'm not sure Catholics have a monopoly on a sense of sharing in Christ's suffering, though admittedly we Protestants don't believe that comes primarily through the Mass per se. In any case, I'm glad for your comment and grateful again for my Jesuit education. He writes a blog called The Wicked Stage. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. Rob Weinert-Kendt December 07, Waugh's Head Revisited: A writer who deserves to be remembered.

Revisiting Graham Greene's 'The Power and the Glory' During Lent - The Atlantic

Evelyn Waugh: addicted to alcohol and sex, haunted by God. Show Comments 9. Comments are automatically closed two weeks after an article's initial publication. See our comments policy for more. Cheers, and savor your Semi-Centenarian status, my old friend! Robert Kendt.

‘Brideshead Revisited’ changed my life. Can it work its magic on the ‘Downton Abbey’ generation?

Good catch, thank you! Jason Kennedy. You're welcome. Great writing. Most popular. Greta Thunberg and the trouble with changing the world. BeyondtheHabit: The Power of Sisterhood. Is there a future for pro-life Democrats?

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Sanctions against Brebeuf Jesuit suspended as appeal process continues at Vatican. Love, Laughter and Living Saints. Retreat Houses , Retreats.