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I figured I had enough contacts and skills to do it myself. I designed my own covers for two books. I do freelance editing and proofreading for a couple Christian publishers and have a strong critique group. Nevertheless I ran my manuscript by a grammar-meticulous reader who surprised me with the errors she turned up. Createspace now has a link when you have set up your book that lets you automatically convert it to Kindle.

I have not yet tried that, but I intend to with my next release. Marketing is the same challenge it would be with a commercial publisher—not natural for an introvert like me.

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You can hire a publicist or do it yourself. The biggest drawback to self-publishing I have encountered is being on my own. It has been a steep learning curve every step of the way. Sales are still not huge, but I get a much higher percentage of what does sell. I even get to set the price. LeAnne Hardy has lived in six countries on four continents as a writer and missionary librarian.

Her plots and settings are inspired by these diverse locations.

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  • Honddu Vale (Glastonbury Grail, #2) by LeAnne Hardy?

She currently lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where she enjoys her husband and grandchildren while trying to write Glastonbury Grail book three and do freelance editing. While I still think an unpublished writer like me should go the traditional route at first, it makes perfect sense to test the self-pubbed waters once we've got a following. It's almost as if we're returning to the purest method of artistic survival. An artist creates something and sells it. No different than the painter selling his art on a street corner.

Most of the focus in the discussions of traditional vs self publishing has been on writing quality, editing and recognition.

The Glastonbury Grail Series

Often the writer's circumstances or goals aren't considered. For me, age is a consideration. I am in my 70's and can't wait years for collecting rejection letters and finding acceptance by a publisher. I will continue to learn the craft and have some good people to rely on for editing. The learning experience is also one of my motivations for writing.

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Except for a few details, I could have written this post. You have wonderful descriptions of the valley in Wales that served as the inspiration for your Honddu Vale. Tell us about your research trip. LeAnne: I spent three fabulous weeks in Wales, sharing Cardiff student accommodations with a missionary kid from Tanzania whose parents I had met in Ethiopia.

The second week, I rented a car and drove all over the southern part of the country. There is so much to see! I joined the Ramblers Association for a couple hikes, getting a feel for the countryside and taking lots of notes with my camera as much as my pen. One hike turned out to be short, and when my companions found out I had not seen Water-break-its-neck Falls, they took me there. A certain ledge, thick with moss, inspired the vision of a girl spinning and singing while she awaited her true love. Donna: Your first book in this series is set in Glastonbury at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries— which means your story begins where mine ends— tell us about your visit to Glastonbury.

LeAnne: That was another marvelous experience with people who have become life-long friends. I contacted a church that had sent support to our mission and asked if there were anyone with whom I might stay. Four generations of a local family took me in. They lived together on a nineteenth century farm outside of Meare along one of the many rhynes that drain the swamps of the Somerset levels. A bike track ran along the rhyne six miles to Glastonbury.

Chalice Well (Holy Grail) - Healing Sanctuary - 13 (Glastonbury, England)

The family outfitted me with a bike, a map, and a pair of Wellington boots against the damp of November, and set me loose to explore. I climbed the Tor a conical hill outside the town in the rain, and climbed it again in brilliant sunshine on the three hundred and sixty-second anniversary of the death of the last abbot. I even lunched at the George and Pilgrim Inn and attended services in St. When I returned with my husband, we climbed the Tor again. This time we had to step around the crystals of New Age worshippers gathered there. For a thousand years Glastonbury was a center of Christian worship.

There is still a remnant praying that it will be again.

Donna: Amen to that, LeAnne! I have twice stayed at the Church of England retreat house on the back of the Abbey grounds. There is still Christian worship there.