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Isabella And. How to Write. In many ways a speech is like an essay. Palmer Library, Palmer Township. A short. Culinary Chemistry and Design: In this class on the science of cooking, students will learn that cooking is not just about knowing how to follow a recipe, but ultimately about creative expression.

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We will experiment to figure out if the old "taste bud map" is real or a myth, and we will learn about food from different cultures. Using a recipe journal, students will jot down established recipes and their own ideas. On the last day, we will assemble a giant masterpiece using vegetables, fruit and cupcakes.

For safety reasons, no open flame will be used in this class.

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Deep-Sea Exploration: Students will gets to know some of the most bizarre creatures that dwell in the abyss, from the Dumbo octopus to the newly discovered ninja lanternshark. Young explorers will learn firsthand about deep-sea expeditions as they pilot an underwater vehicle using the Scripps Institution of Oceanography DEEP Xbox game.

Learning will come to life as each student creates a treasure chest multimedia box to take home. Gemology: This class will introduce students to the study of gems and teach them to identify local and southwestern gems and geodes. We will break open geodes and make art and jewelry using gemstones.

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We will also look around Mission Bay, a sandy area of former mudflats, for rocks to polish. Through a variety of hands-on activities, we will discover the importance of rocks and gems in our ecosystem and in history, art and traditions. Inflatable Engineering: Engineering, art and nature intersect as students conduct amazing experiments with bubbles and learn how to turn simple bags into pillows and architectural structures! Together we will transform ordinary materials into giant inflatable forts and construct an imaginative public art display.

Ongoing Activities:

Introduction to Python Programming: This course introduces students to computer programming using the Python language. For their final project, students will creatively deploy the class materials to develop a simple graphic arcade game. Students will calculate the needed materials and costs to complete large-scale murals using basic math skills, and explore how various types of paints adhere to different surfaces.

Together we will investigate how to obtain permission and permits for final mural placement, discuss funding and grants, methods for scaling up images, and how to use technology to enhance designs. Each student will explore techniques for creating a sample mural to take home. Mysteries of the Human Genome: Why are your eyes brown and mine green? Why is your hair so curly?

What does your blood type mean? In this class, we will learn about the basics of DNA and how traits are passed from one generation to the next. We will create mixed-media art pieces to showcase important cell cycles, and we will use fun interactive models to learn about inheritance and variance.

Students will play Sherlock Holmes to decode genetic mysteries and then come up with their own gripping short stories showing how murders can be solved using biological techniques. Python: Exploring the Web: The Internet is an amazing technology, but have you ever wondered just what happens behind the scenes to make it work? In this class, we will explore the intricacies of the World Wide Web and how it functions by creating all sorts of small applications to communicate over the Internet. For their final project, students will creatively deploy the class materials to develop a simple text-based arcade game.

Raspberry Pi Projects: Students will work with the Raspberry Pi Motherboard and computer accessories to build real-world applications such as dimmer switches, alarms with camera modules, drum sets and visual games. Students will also learn basic electronics and Python scripting in this class.

Science of Harry Potter: Students will explore the science and magic of the world of Harry Potter through video clips, presentations, discussions, activities and artwork. Science has never been so magical! Slimy Sea Creatures: Students will learn about slimy sea creatures like octopuses, sea stars, sand dollars and moon snails, to name a few. Tiny Houses: In this design class, students will learn about architecture, social responsibility and community as they design and build scale models of their own tiny homes. Student will be introduced to concepts including sustainability, functionality and how to incorporate natural light into a design.

Students will also refine their communication skills by presenting their tiny houses to the class. This class is designed for students who have little or no experience with design or construction. Understanding our Earth: Discover the major landforms in America and around the world!

This class will explore the theory of plate tectonics and how plates move around Earth's surface to create landforms. Students will learn to read topological maps and find out how geological events affect our environments and the way we live. We will Investigate evolution, geologic time scales and mass extinctions.

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Through a case study, we will see how human activities change the natural world. We will also look into geo-hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, and learn how we can best prepare for them. Video Production: In this digital age, videos are everywhere! From viral videos to short films, they tell stories about the world. In this class, students will explore film theory and learn the basics of video production, including composition, editing and audio.

In small groups, students will storyboard, script, film and edit their own short films. Students will also watch, examine and discuss a variety of short films. Virtual Reality: This class lets students join the virtual reality technology movement using the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. Students will work in groups to create their own virtual reality interactive tools and games and to learn basic concepts of stereoscopy. No prior experience with computer programming or 3D modeling is required. Wind Power: You have probably seen the huge wind farms that are arising in many parts of the country.

But did you know that you can be an active player in the development of this important green technology? In this class, students will learn how the exchange of energy between Earth and the atmosphere leads to the generation of wind. They will explore the reasons why some places are always windy. Then students will harness the power of their new knowledge to engineer machinery that puts wind power to beneficial use. Wonderful Waves: In this fun-filled class, students will explore the wonderful world of waves through science experiments, hands-on activities, and arts and crafts.

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