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The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Paperback, Pages. This item has not been rated yet. What if you found a piece of jewelry from the 21st century in a fossil million years old? What if you also were a jaded reporter in a backwater town, bored with his career, and looking for a new direction is his life?

Book Review: The Time Collector

What if you found that fossil led you to Nazi experiments, secret installations on the coast of England, and a clandestine British agency dedicated to stopping a madman who threatens to cause chaos across eons of time? Jack Foster is that reporter. Even if you played RPGs before the variety of skills each of the classes in My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure offers may change your perception about each of them after trying them out.

So before you decide which one you would want to level up and spend a lot more time on ahead of everyone else, at least make a quick dungeon run with each of them. While seeing and trying the first skill in action may already give you an idea of which class is or will be your favorite, you should spend a little more time with each and gain more experience to see the additional skills each class gains earlier in the game as these new skills may change your evaluation of each class moving forward. One great feature of My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure is that there is a shared stash where your main character can store valuable gear that can be used by any other character in your account which you can easily access in town by clicking on the Backpack icon on the right hand side of the screen and then choosing Storage.

With this, you can have more motivation to focus on one character and wait to have the best gear to be stored and transferred to your other characters in the event that you want to progress them later on. There is never any shortage of weapons you can loot in My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure. You can surely earn a couple with each run and as you can equip three at a time, you will most definitely be able to try a lot of them out soon enough in the game. As each weapon can be upgraded through the blacksmith at the expense of gold and red stones to increase their star level, which is harder to acquire, you should focus on enhancing one weapon first to not dry up your resources quickly.

A good point to consider would be the elemental affinity of the weapons you prefer relative to those of your preferred skills. For example, as warriors mostly have fire-based skills, you may want to invest more on upgrading ice or wind-based elemental weapons. Always compare new weapons you acquire as well as their icons may look the same and even possess the same level of rarity, but the stat boosts they provide may be very different.

As it may be difficult to obtain a legendary level weapon at the early stages of the game, try to at least settle for an epic one before you begin upgrading. If you are having difficulty as well checking your loots to see which ones are new, check the border surrounding each item as new gears have thicker borders around them. On top of 3 weapons you can equip at the same time to take with you on your exploration, characters in My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure can equip six different gears that can increase your offensive capabilities as well as your survivability.

Equipment like weapons follow the same rarity color scheme but adds Primordial Red and Set Green ones which are even more difficult to acquire but offer more perks. In general, the higher the rarity of the gear, the better the boosts that it provides. As you progress further through more challenging dungeons though, it may happen that a lower rarity equipment can give bigger boosts to your stats than a better colored one. Additionally, you should spend time to read each buff that the gear provides as some may not be that useful for you after all.

Keith Osmond (Author of Ooparts)

One type of boost you may want to keep an eye on is the stat buff that provides experience boost. As you may still find yourself racing through earlier dungeons and speed killing everything, you may want to hold on them first and switch on to better equipment when you are starting to feel the challenge of higher levels. As you need to level your character up as well for additional skills, grabbing more experience points whenever you can will help you progress farther later on. Layers in My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure are basically levels.

The higher the number goes, the more challenging it becomes. As you move down each layer, you will encounter tougher enemies that deal more damage. It will also require you to accomplish more kills before being warped to the final boss, and the boss battle will grow more and more intense as well. The rewards are much better at higher dungeons and the experience points you earn are higher as well.

Be sure to try and get 3-star ratings for each dungeon and clear all dungeons in a layer before moving on to the next one as much as you can as the stars in the ratings you obtain will also earn you additional rewards in your Diary. If it comes to a point when it becomes too difficult for you to complete a dungeon, then perhaps you can opt for a co-op game instead. You will always have 5 minutes to finish each dungeon and defeat the boss and the star ratings and rewards will depend on how fast you can accomplish it.

Finishing the dungeon within 3 minutes will earn you a 3-star rating and the best possible rewards affected by RNG of course but you can easily finish it in less than 2 minutes. You can also increase your running speed a bit more with a dash boost at the right side of your screen and though it only lasts for a short while and takes some time to recharge, it still helps a lot especially when you are rushing through empty corridors you have passed by before.

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  • There are also speed boosts you can get by attaining a certain number of kill combos. It may take some getting used to though if the movement goes too fast for you but having these around helps a lot in clearing dungeons even faster. As co-op play is supported by My Heroes — Dungeon Adventure, which makes it all the more fun, it would be great to play it alongside a friend who can love the game as much as you do.

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    • On top of having a companion make up for what your chosen character lacks in or even at least add to the fire power, the loots you can obtain from cooperative play have high chances of being better than the ones you can get from solo play. There are elites scattered all over each dungeon randomly indicated by red monster-shaped icons on the mini-map. To fight them, simply walk over the huge key symbol and they will be summoned along with several of their minions.