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Playwright August Wilson. Lyricist Howard Ashman. Susan King. A scene that was particularly poignant is when Orestes is captured and he tells Clytemnestra to kill Aegisthus for him, but she cannot. The play could easily be about Clytemnestra.

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Unlike Saul, this play includes two interesting characters with depth. In fact, more of a focus on Clytemnestra could have been interesting. The play or a play just about Clytemnestra could be compelling. Saul is, by far, the most interesting character in the play. His flights of fancy and madness and sanity punctuate the play as he strives to come to terms with David. Saul is wise enough to know what he is not. But he is cursed to see what he not in the form of David. David makes Saul painfully aware of everything he will never be.

And though he wants to love the charming, brave and successful David as everyone else does, his jealousy and his justified fear for his crown and his family prevent him. The rest of the characters are merely types — the loyal friend, the faithful wife, the sinister advisor. David never really comes to life. He is the perfect hero, husband, warrior and singer. But how would you bring someone like that to life in such a short work? I see the difficulty, but that is ultimately why this is a good play and not a great play. As I said, in this tragedy there is a kernel of a greatness.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Vittorio Alfieri. Vittorio Alfieri. Count Vittorio Alfieri was an Italian dramatist and poet, considered the founder of Italian tragedy. Furthermore, many playwrights worked collaboratively on scripts for the various theaters and didn't always get proper credit for all their work.

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The end result is that none of the other English playwrights has a canon of works to rival Shakespeare. The publication of the First Folio in ensured that Shakespeare—reputation and talent aside—had a posthumous advantage over his peers, whose works have been largely obscured or lost to history.

This lack of context ultimately hampers our understanding of both English drama as a genre and Shakespeare's relation to his peers. That said, several of Shakespeare's fellow playwrights managed to achieve a measure of fame for posterity through their works. Francis Beaumont — : Beaumont was a playwright best known for his successful partnership with John Fletcher. He was also great friends with Ben Jonson, who reputedly used Beaumont as a sounding board when authoring his own plays. Beaumont is now generally credited as sole author on the comedy The Knight of the Burning Pestle.

There are 50 plays historically ascribed to Beaumont and Fletcher, but only 13 exist today that show definite signs of their collaboration. Thomas Dekker?

Plays: Complete Edition, Including the Posthumous Plays

Like many of the era's playwrights, he was commissioned to write at least 40 plays for Philip Henslowe; Dekker personally claimed to have had a hand in plays. Most of his work, however is lost, and only 20 of his plays are known to have been published in his lifetime. Despite his voluminous output, Dekker was consistently in debt throughout his career. His best known work is a comedy, The Shoemaker's Holiday. In fact, Fletcher basically took over as principal dramatist for the King's Men upon Shakespeare's retirement. Although only nine of his works were published during his lifetime, Fletcher is considered among the most prolific and influential dramatists of his day.

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The majority of his work was collaborative; as sole author, he is best known for The Faithful Shepherdess and Valentinian. Thomas Heywood?