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Astounding storytelling by one of the best writers working today. Bear envisions a world where the next leap in human evolution is not superhero mutations but rather a small step that changes the world. Great characters fighting against bigotry amidst scientific upheaval and government control. Winner of the Nebula Award. The city of Bellona is not what it once was — most people have fled, leaving behind only the madmen, the criminals, and the desperate.

by George Orwell

And a young man, a poet known as the Kid. This dense and intricate tale winds its way through issues of race, gender, and sexuality in a near-future, devastated landscape, in a way that simply cannot be missed.

War and pollution have taken their toll on Earth, leaving it very nearly uninhabitable. Rick, who makes his living eliminating renegade androids, is prompted to question his work, and even his own identity, during a particularly challenging assignment. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Time travel is a reality, and, finally, historians can observe the past as it happened. At Oxford College, a trip to 14th century England has gone awry, stranding a young historian in the midst of the bubonic plague. As a team in the present era works to bring her back home, a new and deadly form of the flu begins to spread through London. Is there a connection between the two epidemics?

The story of a young woman being recruited to telepathically bond with a queen dragon to lead her people and battle Thread on the planet of Pern has been a beloved favorite among all ages of readers for decades. McCaffrey was the first woman to win the Hugo and Nebula Awards — and with great reason. The first rule of Dune is: do not read the whole series. The story follows a noblewoman, a serving girl, and an angel as they journey through the crumbling ship in an attempt to stop a war between their houses — and in the process, change the order of their world.

Jeannine, Joanna, Janet, and Jael — four women from four alternate realities, one an altered past where the Great Depression never ended, one a mirror of our own world, one a utopian all-female earth, and one where men and women live in separate, warring enclaves. The researchers who test the doorway are coming back… off.

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The Fold is an intricate yet fast-paced sci-fi thriller you can devour in a single sitting. One of the seminal works of hard science fiction, Foundation reimagines the fall of the Roman Empire as taking place on a galactic scale and an effort on a remote planet to protect humanity from a 30,year-long dark age. It would be difficult to overstate the influence of Frankenstein and its enormous impact on both literature and pop culture. In the years since its initial publication, the narrative DNA of the tale of Victor Frankenstein and his creature can be found in the countless stories that have followed in its considerable wake.

When a Navy SEAL murders his family and disappears, an NCIS agent is tasked with determining whether or not the crime is connected with the Terminus: a mysterious world-destroying event encountered by a top secret team of government time travelers. This dark work of science fiction may be new, but it is on my personal list of all-time great reads. America has fallen, leaving in its place the Republic of Gilead, a theocratic state with a fatal weakness: a low birth rate.

‘The American Future’

Fearful of what the future will bring, the exclusively male leadership of Gilead has enslaved fertile women to bear their young. Offred is one of these women: a handmaid. This is her story. Charles Yu is searching for his father through quantum space-time, while also performing his job as a time travel technician — helping to save people from themselves after time traveling trips gone awry. Assisted by a nonexistent dog and an operating system with self-esteem issues, his journey to find his missing father is at times hilarious, thought-provoking, and truly poignant.

A crew of pilgrims swap stories of love, horror, and religious devotion during a long journey to the home of the Shrike: a spike-covered metal horror worshiped like a god. This science fiction take on The Canterbury Tales is an unforgettable, imaginative work of cross-genre fusion. Following a pair of teens evacuating Earth during an invasion, Illuminae is a masterwork of young adult sci-fi, a story winding its way through a dossier of hacked documents: emails, chatrooms, classified military files, and more that the protagonists discover during their search for the truth behind the invasion.

The power of science and its role in discovery is oft at the heart of great science fiction. At its heart, Jurassic Park questions how humanity wields the power of science while creating an action-packed story filled with characters just trying to survive science gone wrong. This dystopian tale of two teenagers is so much more than meets the eye. But a darker truth has brought them together, and together they begin to realize just what the country is willing to do to protect its secrets.

The 60 Best Dystopian Books

But imagine that you are the citizen of a totalitarian country like North Korea. As such, you are deeply versed in the dark side of AI. Camps for political prisoners are a thing of the past. Physical confinement is beside the point. The police already know your criminal history, your DNA makeup and your sexual preferences.

Surveillance drones can track your every move. Your Soulband records every conversation you have, as well as your biometric response to anti-government ads it flashes across your video screen at unexpected moments, purely as a test. Privacy died around Fake video is just around the corner, and fake superintelligent video is going to be a nightmare. The calls you receive could be your Aunt Jackie phoning to chat about the weather or a state bot wanting to plumb your true thoughts about the Great Leader.

Meanwhile, the rulers earn billions by leasing the data from the ems to Chinese AI companies, who believe the information is coming from real people. Or, finally, imagine this: The AI the regime has trained to eliminate any threat to their rule has taken the final step and recommissioned the leaders themselves, keeping only their ems for contact with the outside world.

It would make a certain kind of sense: To an AI trained to liquidate all resistance If you want to confront the dark side of AI, you must talk to Nick Bostrom, whose best-selling Superintelligence is a rigorous look at several, often dystopian visions of the next few centuries. To an AI, we may just look like a collection of repurposable atoms. So unless there is some countervailing reason, one might expect it to disassemble us. Despite that last scenario, by the time I finished my final interview, I was jazzed.

That kind of high is contagious. Did I want to live to be ? Did I want brain cancer to become a thing of the past? What do you think? Would I vote for an AI-assisted president? I slept slightly better, too, because what many researchers will tell you is that the heaven-or-hell scenarios are like winning a Powerball jackpot. Extremely unlikely. AI is a tool, like fire or language. But fire, of course, is stupid. Design, however, will matter.

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Every single time. We were asked, nuclear bombs or no nuclear bombs, and we went with Choice A. That will be a good thing, probably, or even a wonderful thing. Of course, just by publishing these words, we guarantee that the AIs will know about such a possibility. Sorry, Elon. I worry about humans who have nothing left to do in the universe except play awesome video games. And who know it. This article is a selection from the April issue of Smithsonian magazine. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up.