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Patrick Laughy. In his early years he published seventy adult fiction novels and while in the police force co-authored a book on dog training. He is presently at work a novel about a serial killer. Pat has a great love of the outdoors, reading, especially fantasy, crime, and historical both fiction and non-fiction.

He is presently rebuilding a Corvair nicknamed 'Bondo Baby'. He lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Share this. Related Articles. Il terrorismo impunito October 20, August 29, , History , Saggio sul terrorismo israeliano , 0 Il terrorismo impunito. Send Sending. Thou shalt not kill.

The 4th Reich Book 2 Part 2

Let me sum it up for you right here. Go to the polls. Men and women sacrificed their lives for you to vote! If you stay home, you have zero right to complain for the next four years. Vote for a candidate that will put America first, that will defend our Constitution. Vote for someone who will make us proud again. That is what America needs!

The Fall of the Third Reich - 4 - The Kreisau Circle and Operation Valkyrie

Daniel begins talking about the lion, which represents the Babylonian Empire. Then comes the bear, representing the Medo-Persians. Then comes the leopard, representing Alexander the Great. And then comes the fourth beast that was a beast of non-description because it was so violent. Then John picks up the story in Revelation 13 and talks about an animal that has all four of these characteristics morphed together.

In Scripture, He has seven heads and ten crowns because the Fourth Reich will initially have ten kings. These ten will lead the world in a series of super states that will take over the world. Three of these kings will be conquered by the Anti-Christ, and he will put their crowns upon his own head.

In review…during the Bush Administration, we crushed Al Qaeda at a cost of great sacrifice. The Middle East was quiet. We left 10, troops there to make sure it remained quiet. It was working wonderfully. And then President Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq and began saying that the terrorists were defeated.

He called them the Junior Varsity. Obviously, that was incorrect. A vacuum was created, and ISIS came in with massive human atrocities that they happily shared over the media.

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Then came the Arab Spring when many of the established leaders in the Middle East lost power. When they were gone, greater chaos ensued. Then you saw the war in Syria and ISIS moving into Iraq…creating massive migrations of people, with millions moving into Europe and spilling into America. This massive uncontrolled immigration was the major reason that England left the European Union. They were losing control of their own country. Caucasians, Chechens, Azerbaijanis and other non-Russians, than mutants.

While they do show a disgust for people with disabilities, they are not hostile to them outright, as Mikhail Porfirevich and Vanechka were able to pass through the Reich prior to meeting Artyom. They will still kill them without a second thought though, given the excuse.

They are despised and hated, but unlike in the games, are not in open war with any other faction and are directly opposed only by Guevara-inspired revolutionaries. The Fourth Reich is aware of its problems and some soldiers are heard talking about " an ultimate, last crusade " to capture Polis , although it's not known whether such a plan actually exists.

Their territories incorporate three interchange stations: Tverskaya , Chekhovskaya, and Pushkinskaya. The encounters through the novel reveal the Fourth Reich's brutal nature as the entrances of the station are littered with bodies and decorated in slogans and murals to Adolf Hitler.

The Reich is a relatively new faction in the book, much younger than its in-game counterpart.

The 4th Reich: Book 2

Both Artyom and his friend Vitali are surprised to learn of their existence and the man who explains the Reich to Artyom does not know its exact details. He is unable to remember if it is the Fourth or Fifth Reich. It is mentioned in the novel that the Nazi soldiers wear black uniforms with black berets and armbands with the Triskelion on.

2. The Legislative Process and Its Sources

Round insignia from the beta version of the game featuring the triskelion depicted in the novels. Despite being hyped up as the primary antagonists in the pre-release materials for Metro Last Light , the Nazis only play a slightly bigger role than from the first game. The Reich is one of the primary factions vying for control over D6. With few exceptions, Nazis remain perpetually hostile to the player and openly seek combat.

It is shown that these camps are set up to detain enemies of the Reich, as well as any innocents considered 'mutated'. Should any attempt to escape, the entire chamber would be filled with deadly toxic gas. In other Nazi stations, the Nazis are portrayed as an overly brutish people, with those that are less violent in their own ranks being tormented and beaten up. The Reich is briefly seen in the intro cinematic of Exodus , showcasing one of the Fuhrer's speeches. Based on conversations by Hansa soldiers and members of the Aurora, the Reich is still quite active. Unlike its book counterpart, it appears the Reich was never flooded and they may have resumed their territorial expansion.

Hansa guards mention that all the good weapons have been given to troops near the League's borders with the Reich. A clearly obvious trait about the Nazis is that they openly emulate Nazi Germany, both in style and in practices: their Slavic interpretation of Nazism means they believe that Russians are the master race and their soldiers are known to engage in ethnic-cleansings against non-Russians and others they deem impure or mutated, which can include Russians such as Communist soldiers who are often executed without mercy.

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Stylistically, there are many similarities that the Nazis have copied: The most prominent similarities are that Nazi soldiers all are equipped with helmets shaped like the famous "Stahlhelm" used by Wehrmacht soldiers even featuring the bolts on the side of the helmets worn by the Waffen SS which became a famous symbol of Nazi Germany.

A second similarity, is the Nazis feature many banners and symbols based on ones used by Nazi Germany, featuring a prominent black icon either a capital C or a three-pointed swastika known as a Triskelion within a white circle and a red background, reminiscent of the flag of Nazi Germany. The C-symbol, which is never explained, could be either a Latin "C", a Cyrillic "S", or a non-alphabetic symbol. A third similarity is their casual use of German language terms despite being Russian - listening to conversations between non-alerted soldiers they can be heard referring other Nazis as "Herr" meaning Mr.

Outside the novels, their German doesn't seem to extend past "partisan German", as in short stereotypical phrases picked up from numerous World War II movies e.

Some of their words have German accents if you listen carefully. A fourth similarity is their similar type of rallies and hails. However, their hail is slightly different than that of the Third Reich. Also, instead of the open hand salute, they use a closed fist salute, perhaps an influence from the Communists. As a side note, the Nazis are often referred to as fascists, which in Russia is used as a common synonym for Nazis.

The Soviets notably used Fritz more frequent than Jerry and Kraut, which were mostly used by British and American troops respectively. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. A screenshot from the alpha-version showing a Nazi Stalker with the Reich insignia from the novels. Fourth Reich soldiers at a rally, giving the Nazi style salute. Reich Stalkers in Metro Redux. Categories :.

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Cancel Save. Metro for the pure race! Rescue Ranger. Save a group of " Reds " from Fascist captivity. On the level " Depot " silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.