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Sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi best seller. They reported witnessing strange glowing objects flying around Halifax at around PM.

Before any attempt at rescue could be made, the object started to sink and disappeared from view. After an exhausting search into the wee hours of the morning rescue crews found no signs of survivors, bodies or debris.

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The Atlantic Fleet Diving Unit. This novel unravels the mystery surrounding the Shag incident which occurred 20 years ago in One night he was abducted Stephanie Johnson is the author of several collections of poetry and of short stories, some plays and adaptations, and many fine novels.

Over the course of an award-winning career during which she has written plays, poetry, short stories and novels she has become a significant presence in the New Zealand literary landscape, a presence cemented and enhanced by her roles as critic and creative writing teacher.

The people who committed the act of revenge in thought it was perfectly executed.

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  6. Twenty years on the truth is revealed, the truth about the deception that started it all and the seemingly disparate characters involved: Jasper, currently in Sydney's Long Bay Prison; psychiatrist Franca Todisco; New Zealand journalist Richard Brunel visiting Paris with society girlfriend Michaela; Lena now living on Waiheke Island with her girlfriend Scottie; and the young biographer Melody Argyle, working on a life of her intensely private subject, ex-All Black and millionaire block-buster novelist Howard Shag. What happened that connects them? The shag incident is a novel about love, responsibility, guilt and revenge.

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