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Not a trace of twang infests this native Texan. It's as if soul, folk and country have been personified in the man. Not every track is standout, but all of his songs are worth a listen. A thoughtful ballad describing the feel of life growing up in Texas, the lyrics bring the listener along, no matter where or when they were raised. Another showcase for Lyle's ability to blend description and music is "The Waltzing Fool.

The waltzing fool He's got lights in his fingers The waltzing fool He just don't never say The waltzing fool He keeps his hands in his pockets And waltzes the evening away. And it was a highbrow occasion For no special reason And nobody knew Said nobody knew That the flowers were furnished by the funeral parlor And the whole thing was paid for by the funeral director Who poisoned the saxophone section. Directly behind this clever song, Lyle drifts into the thoughtful "Closing Time," appropriately the last cut of the album.

In Lyle was back with Pontiac. Still within the country sound, this is the album that spawned "She's No Lady.

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That honor far and away belongs to "If I Had a Boat. The second verse says. As the title suggests, the band is prominent in several of the songs. Once again Lovett expands beyond folk and country, proving that this Texas boy has soul. Nowhere is this more apparent than 's Joshua Judges Ruth. Deemed by most diehard Lyle fans as his best, this is the collection to acquire if there are still any doubts as to his incredible talent. The gospel sound of "Church" can't help but infect the listener to tap their knee in spiritual style, if not clap outright.

Nearly every song on this collection is a standout.

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He makes us laugh, cry, fall in love, and pray that we all have someone with whom to grow old. Buy this album on CD -- it's a keeper. In Lovett delved into his older material to create I Love Everybody. Each song tells a story, and each story is backed by the powerful vocals and music Lovett's fans have come to expect.

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The Waltzing Fool

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