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We have received a crazy amount of rain in the last few weeks. Mother's Day was filled with rain, sleet and snow blowing all directions. No power for the day so all hopes of breakfast in bed, or ranch wife pampering what's that went out the window of our little jeep cherokee, AKA the calving wagon. It was a day full of mothering, kids and calves that were brought in during the storm.

I think we better invest in some paddles at this point in case we need to use the stock tanks as flotation devices.

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It is getting a little crazy. I am once again reminded of a gift my parents gave us kids growing up, WORK. I'd be in pretty poor shape without it. We are having a blast together.

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I love to watch my kids be involved with ranch chores and life and always enjoy watching Jeff with the horses. Blessings from our Father in Heaven, all of them, the moisture, the livestock, the kids and my husband, and the life that we live. It's a bitter cold morning in the state of Nebraska I shiver as the pickup rumbles to life Just a regular day for the man on short wages but we figure we're doing alright The cows they are singing like silver bells ringing As we cake them and feed them, the world comes to life Jack Frost is tipping his hat as he's painting A Russel with swirling ice.

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Way up in the northern part of Nebraska There's a place they call God's cow country There's windmills, Sandhills and a whole lot of cattle And the grass and the children grow wild and free Yep, we've moved from our beloved state of WYO to the Sandhills of NE. Countless numbers of new friends, adventures, music shows, horse wrecks and a good look at what is important in life. I have to say as I sit in this comfy, warm home at Round Valley that life is pretty good.

This lifestyle has a way of highlighting the things that mean the most.

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The more routine these exercises become, the more experienced your students will be when performing them in an exam setting. Students will often make more of an effort if they can see how highly specific technical exercises are related to the desired aim of successful singing.

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Understanding the words of the song is really important — it sounds obvious but, especially for younger singers, teachers must consider if students actually understand all of the words in their songs. Ask yourself: do they understand the context?


Have they ever been in a similar situation themselves? If so, how did they feel? Can they apply these emotions to the song when they sing? If students feel confident with their pieces and have repertoire that they enjoy, it will shine out of their performance. Help your students develop repertoire appropriate to them from the start to help them learn songs more easily.

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While some students find memorising songs and technical exercises easy, others may struggle. However, students who are able to confidently learn their songs are more able to focus on the expression and technique in their delivery. The exam is a performance — tell your students this from the start — and should be treated as such.

Trinity is keen to make exams fun and enjoyable for candidates, from wide-ranging repertoire lists with plenty of engaging songs to choose from, to friendly examiners. You can find loads more useful tips and advice from experienced singing teachers that we have surveyed, in our new Teacher's Guide to Singing.

How to: prepare your students for singing exams Posted by Peter Buckby on 18 June Recent blog posts How two heads of drama grew thriving departments from the ground up. Tip 3: Practise outside of the classroom While your time with students may be limited to a weekly lesson, there are many ways to get them into a habit of practising at home. Recent Posts.

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